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Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy Services | Children, Adults, Couples and Families


Sometimes it is most helpful to involve the whole family in therapy. This is because an individual with a problem affects a family, and families can both affect individuals, but are also the individual’s main influence and support. There is a huge amount of research evidence to support the effectiveness of working with whole families in order to help either an adult or a child. Research has also shown that there can be positive effects for other family members.

In sessions we look at:
family structures and history,
generational patterns,
a range of approaches to helping change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and communication
multiple perspectives of family members,
issues of gender, culture, religious beliefs, and many other areas of identify and difference
how to support families to explore the many aspects of their experience, and to move towards a more satisfactory way of relating.
Family Therapy sessions tend to be scheduled at 2-4 week intervals and to be 60 – 90 minutes long.